Managing a growing workforce involves creating policies and ensuring employees remain in compliance. Employers must run a variety of initiatives to reduce risk and develop staff skills, such as:

  • Anti-harassment training

  • Safety workshops

  • Employee job training and certification

  • Cultural diversity workshops

  • Security policy awareness

  • Employee benefits review



Employees must be made aware of the workshops and training sessions they are required to view or attend, and how to sign-up. HR pros also require quick insights to effectively manage compliance programs. Unfortunately, few HR departments have the bandwidth to track and monitor completion to meet deadlines.

WSI BriteProgram solves and expedites many of these common challenges. With the application’s form templates, workflows, and automatic task tracking you can quickly and easily set up online forms to collect data, continuously manage your compliance program, and generate reports. BriteProgram delivers the following capabilities:

  • Allows administrators to quickly create or modify existing compliance forms

  • Content management features for posting information to employees

  • Integration with HRIS and other applications

  • Customizable dashboards and print-ready reports


Many jobs, from registered nurses and fitness instructors to cybersecurity specialists, require continuing education to stay certified. Completion of tasks such, as training and scorecards, ensure that program participants remain in compliance.

With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Define a set of recurring tasks for employees

  • Automatically track completion of recurring tasks

  • Implement alerts and escalations for overdue tasks


WSI built a system to compare and analyze data from all Internet censorship circumvention vendors for the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Monthly reports from BBG vendors have varying formats and data elements. The WSI system collects data from vendors, displays a customizable dashboard, creates performance measurement reports, and provides advanced analytics tools. Automated report generation saves time and eliminates errors.


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