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Internet Data Collection and Advanced Analytics


Compare and analyze data from all Internet censorship circumvention vendors for the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Monthly reports from BBG vendors have varying formats and data elements. The system collects data from vendors, displays a customizable dashboard, creates performance measurement reports, and provides advanced analytics tools.


Washington Software designed the system using Agile SCRUM methodology, hosted by Amazon AWS. Additionally, WSI provided helpdesk, technical support, security, and monitoring.


The analytics system designed by WSI allows BBG to compare “apples to apples” using the reliable Big Data architecture. The data matches the 4V of Big Data – Velocity (streaming data), Volume (scale of data), Veracity (uncertainty of data), and Variety (different forms of data). Automated report generation saves time and eliminates errors.


Hortonworks Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Nifi, Solr, Banana, AngularJS, Apache, MySQL, Java, REST, Oauth2, OpenLDAP, SSRS, Bootstrap, and JIRA

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