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For most companies and contractors, working with external clients has never been easier. Filing a report, collaborating on a proposal, or making a request can be completed with a click of a button.  Unfortunately, as businesses become more connected through shared files, portals, and other technology applications, protecting information from threats has become more complicated.  Toward this end, both government agencies and corporate entities are requiring heightened levels of cybersecurity compliance.

Mistakes in completing these processes can be costly.  Filing forms or completing checklists improperly, can delay compliance by as much as half a year.  This, in turn, can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost contract opportunities. 

Although all of the processes to come into and maintain compliance may seem complex and vexing, at Washington Software we pride ourselves on removing compliance pain points for our clients.  We breakdown the compliance process into six steps.

  1. Scope - We will help clients with understanding the relevant compliance frameworks.

  2. Pre-assessment - We assist clients with creating a foundation for a cybersecurity compliance program.This includes creating a plan of actions and milestones (POAM).

  3. POAM mitigation - We make sure that identified gaps are eliminated and that problems with the POAM are properly addressed.

  4. Readiness verification - We will ensure that the client’s plans become ready for review by a third party auditor

  5. Auditor review - Many agencies and governments require that contractors’ hire an independent contractor to complete an assessment and determine if the contractor is Assessment ready.If a client retains us to complete the first four steps, we cannot complete the assessment, but we will help clients find qualified assessors.If a client has not retained us to complete the first four steps, we are qualified to complete the assessment.

  6. Continuous maintenance - We have the capacity to work with clients to ensure that maintenance and renewals of compliance requirements proceed as expected.

Washington Software, Inc. provides a full range of security services to help companies come into compliance seamlessly.  We have provided a wide range of related services -- ranging from customers who don’t know what they need to become compliant to those that have a security modernization plan and require assistance to implement it.  We currently specialize in serving companies that are competing for government contracts and have between 10 and 100 employees.  Additionally, we have teaming agreements in place if a larger organization requires our assistance.

Our compliance services include:

  • Complete Compliance Readiness Assessment

  • Gap Analysis

  • Pre-Assessment

  • Readiness Check

  • Provide a path toward compliance readiness for Industry 4.0 security requirements

    • Create a modernization transformation plan

    • Help implement the requirements

    • Provide vulnerability scanning

    • Address flaw remediations

    • Establish policies and procedures

    • Managing documentation

    • Create a recurring task calendar for the IT processes

    • manage controls across multiple frameworks

    • Institute risk management plan

    • Provide knowledge transfer to staff

    • Offer training for application security

    • Fulfill security requirements for federal, state, and local contracting


We help clients with the following standards:

  • CMMC


  • FedRAMP


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