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For government agencies, purchasing goods and services is a formal detailed process with multiple, important steps. Fostering diversity throughout the workplace and suppliers is also a significant undertaking. Program Managers must handle numerous moving parts, which involves such tasks as:

  • Vendor and market research

  • Supplier databases

  • Vendor community education

  • Workplace diversity

  • Track and meet 8(a) or small business procurement goals


Procurement Managers must carefully oversee many components, from creating and issuing bid proposals through reviewing the responses and informing all bidders of the outcome. Effective automation is vital to success.

BriteProgram enables leaders to quickly launch online solutions to streamline and and track procurement programs with features such as:

  • Prebuilt data connectors and web forms to support fast and easy data collection

  • Allows administrators to quickly create or modify custom forms

  • Automated ability to route tasks based on established conditions and rules

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Hiring and training is one area where government needs better solutions. Government programs need software that’s inclusive and can be easily accessed by citizens, not just developers. Additionally, it must be cost-effective in order to scale and empower every staff member that could benefit from access.

Technology to automate hiring and ongoing diversity reporting must meet a variety of requirements so that processes are executed according to protocol. We understand that government organizations have strict compliance processes in handling recruitment. With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Create user-friendly web forms for online applications and data capture

  • Enable management of forms by program administrators via form library

  • Quickly and easily collect data with pre-built data connectors and web forms

  • Generate reports to discover bottlenecks and gain quick insights into all aspects of recruitment, employee or vendor certification, and on-going compliance

  • Meet compliance requirements and provide transparency with customizable and print-ready reports

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Government Small Business (SB) Specialists are tasked with ensuring the agency directs a portion of spend to small and disadvantaged businesses in order to meet established goals. Gaining complete visibility of those 8(a) set-aside goals is often challenging, involving collecting all necessary data from with division PO’s across the agency and regularly generating status reports.

BriteProgram helps you meet set-aside goals by:

  • Simplifying spend tracking and reporting

  • Automating recurring compliance tasks with scheduled alerts, online data collection forms, and workflow

  • Launching in days with on-premises or AWS cloud options

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sought to identify the elements of successful counseling interventions, and selected twenty-nine counseling agencies for a study. WSI provided full software life cycle development services, including building a web-based data collection system. Program data is protected through system monitoring and security, while helpdesk support provides efficient resolution of technical issues.

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