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Web Consultation


BriteProgram functionality helps you effectively communicate with all key stakeholders and ensure completion of recurring tasks. Additionally, WSI offers a variety of services, such as live phone interviews for data collection, and helpdesk and support services.



Effective communication with all key stakeholders is critical for programs to achieve and sustain success. BriteProgram includes content management features for posting information to members. You can easily enable both potential and current participants to learn more about a program, apply, view status, program impact, and more. These features are available for both internal and external users, enabling transparency. BriteProgram also has built-in support for mass communications as well as:

  • Full or self-service web content development and updates

  • Easy import and management of program email lists

  • Author and send mass emails to program members



Ensuring completion of recurring tasks is crucial to continued success. Completion of tasks such as training and scorecards ensure that program participants remain in compliance, so programs can continue to deliver value. Some programs, such as wellness, are comprised of not just periodic, but continuous tasks, such as members routinely providing proof of participation. With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Define a set of recurring tasks for members

  • Automatically track completion of recurring tasks

  • Implement alerts and escalations for overdue program tasks

  • Quickly add program members to participate in a set of recurring tasks



WSI supports government programs backed by a wide variety of resources, including those which all already supported by internal staff, as well as those which need the assistance of WSI’s extensive support services. Well-designed web forms enable efficient data collection, but they are not sufficient for all programs. WSI can support you with live phone interview and survey support for data collection. BriteProgram helpdesk and support services provide you with flexible, efficient options to achieve your program initiatives. Our technical and end user support team is ready to assist your internal staff as well as your external constituents and users. Washington Software provides a range of services including:

  • Hosting and operations

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Helpdesk services

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