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BriteProgram lets government leaders quickly launch online solutions to manage the numerous components of government programs. BriteProgram features a built-in form builder and functionality to assist ongoing application flow, helping your team achieve timely review along with greater accountability.



BriteProgram solves and expedites many of the common issues associated with online application and review programs. WSI custom builds BriteProgram with a focus on intuitive, user-friendly experience for both external users and administrators. The application features prebuilt data connectors and web forms to support fast and easy data collection through online applications, compliance data submissions, and user surveys. Web forms are built to feed backend databases, populating related content automatically, saving reentry time and administrative work for you and your team.

BriteProgram’s built-in form builder delivers the following capabilities:

  • Allows administrators to quickly create or modify a custom form, such as an application, form or survey

  • Supports the most common question types and logics including skip pattern and data encryption

  • Enables management of forms by the program administrators via form library

  • Attachments



BriteProgram features robust functionality to assist the ongoing flow of applications, both for program managers as well as applicants. The Recurring Activities Calendar helps program managers ensure that recurring compliance tasks are completed on time through reminders and easy web interactions. BriteProgram allows you to customize notification and task completion methods and scheduling. You can also leverage:

  • Automatic escalation in case a user at one step is unable to review within a specified timeframe

  • Automated alerts reminding users of upcoming tasks as they are due

  • Escalation alerts that can include other users to ensure timely compliance

  • Automatic load balancing across team members



Government programs are comprised of disparate tasks that must be completed by a variety of individuals. Coordinating these processes to ensure continued forward momentum is complex. After designing forms to capture data, online form submission projects require a strong and established workflow tracking system on the backend. BriteProgram helps your team achieve timely review and decisions with greater accountability throughout all key program steps.
BriteProgram’s engine coordinates form submission workflow according to steps defined by your organization, which can be customized with the visual designer tool. Audit trails, alerts, and auto-generated meeting agendas ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Additional functionality includes:

  • Notifications of new applications via email, either instantly or batched

  • Automated ability to route tasks based on established conditions and rules

  • Ability to build guideposts such as automated messages if problem entries need to be corrected before applicants can move on

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