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Top Benefits of BriteProgram For Managing permit and License Proceses

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

While it can be difficult to imagine, it is possible to accomplish amazing feats with minimal technology. NASA landed a man on the moon with less compute power than most Americans now hold in their hands. But fortunately, technology has evolved to streamline and improve nearly every facet of our daily lives. (OK, I admit, emptying my dishwasher still hasn’t changed in decades.)

Here at WSI, we’ve applied our expertise and technical skills to deliver IT solutions with positive results to government and private sector customers since 1998. Having developed numerous custom applications for government programs, WSI offers BriteProgram, an application that lets  leaders quickly launch online solutions to manage the numerous components of government programs. In this post, we’ll share some of the top benefits of BriteProgram specifically for permit and license processes.

Quick, Easy, Accurate Form Completion

When you place permit and license application forms online, you make them easily and instantly accessible. And completion online is quicker and easier than hand-writing. (I can type like the wind, but my seven-year-old daughter has better handwriting. So, I particularly appreciate not having to hand-write.)


That may be a child’s hand, but in my house, the adults have the atrocious handwriting!

BriteProgram can even prompt applicants for missing portions to assure users they’ve entered all necessary data. Without the need to manually enter data, program managers save copious amounts of time, and data accuracy improves when you eliminate the risk of keystroke errors.

Streamline Application Review

BriteProgram enables you to add validation routines, which eliminate virtually all time spent reviewing completeness and legibility. The time-saving potential of this functionality is tremendous. If staff typically spends 10 hours a week reviewing 100 applications, this can easily be reduced to a mere 1-2 hours. This frees up staff to focus on more critical vetting tasks that truly require human judgement. License applicants also benefit from an expedited review process.


Instantly Access the Verification Data You Need

Often, vetting applicants involves referencing multiple, disparate systems. And this is another complex process that BriteProgram eliminates, thanks to robust data integration capabilities. BriteProgram can automate login to third party systems within the enterprise or tap out and connect to external applications. User information can be securely transmitted for automatic querying of the info you need.

You can also further automate the process by building validation logic into the integrations. Your staff will automatically be notified of any red flags detected. This can reduce time spent on applicant vetting with 3rd party apps by 50%.

Expedite the Path to Completion

📷BriteProgram helps your team achieve timely review and decisions with greater accountability throughout all key steps. BriteProgram’s engine coordinates form submission workflow according to steps defined by your organization. Audit trails, alerts, and auto-generated meeting agendas ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Automated alerts and automatic escalation also help you avoid bottlenecks. With BriteProgram, you can accelerate community and economic development improvements while increasing citizen satisfaction.

Communicate and Nurture into The Future

Issuing licenses and permits aren’t “one-and-done” tasks. Program Managers also need support with ongoing tracking and monitoring efforts. BriteProgram includes content management features for posting information to both internal and external users, which enables transparency. Additionally, BriteProgram has built-in support for mass communications along with full or self-service web content development and updates.

Monitor & Instantly Report

BriteProgram automates program management, dramatically improving processes for both government staff and licensees. But we realize you can’t merely take our word for it. “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” Without proper automation, reporting on the status of your permits involves a tedious process of herding cats to aggregate metrics, followed by copying and pasting in a process best described as “Excel Hell.” But with BriteProgram, you can gain quick insights into all critical aspects of your permit and licensing programs with customizable and print-ready reports. You will see performance metrics for each step of the process and have the data to make smart improvements.

If you need assistance or an easy solution to streamline your permit and license processes, please contact us for a free consultation.


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