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From summer reading programs to parks and rec classes, governments must manage membership for numerous activities. Enabling sign-up, communicating updates, and processing payments are massive undertakings for state and local governments. To ensure program success and repeat customers, program managers must effectively manage numerous program components, while also providing a user-friendly process for members.


By placing sign-up and ongoing interaction forms online, you make them easily and instantly accessible. Completion online is quicker and easier than hand-writing and increases accuracy. Without the need to manually enter data, managers of professional associations save copious amounts of time, and data accuracy improves. Program and membership managers also need solutions you can launch quickly and adapt easily over time as requirements change.

BriteProgram enables you to manage the numerous components of membership programs, such as sign-up and renewal. With BriteProgram you can:

  • Allow administrators to quickly tailor sign-up forms

  • Prompt members for missing portions to ensure complete applications

  • Integrate with accounting, website and ERP systems

  • Quickly and easily update informational web pages and issue mass communications

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Many government programs require ongoing tracking and monitoring efforts. Association Managers must communicate with both internal and external stakeholders regarding schedule updates and various special announcements. Program Managers must also ensure the ongoing flow of membership applications and prompt members to renew. Finally, various metrics must be aggregated to generate reports.

BriteProgram automates membership management, dramatically improving processes for both program managers and members. With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Maintain ongoing communication and ensure timely renewals

  • Post updates and support mass communications with full or self-service web content management

  • Gain quick insights into all aspects of member programs and engagement with customizable and print-ready reports

  • Automatically track completion of recurring tasks

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The U.S. Department of Labor ETA project conducts more than 75,000 telephone surveys each year to measure program outcomes and to assess effectiveness. WSI migrated the call center system location and created call center monitoring and scheduling software that allows supervisors to record interviewers’ performance. WSI also built a data warehouse reporting system with summary reports to compare and evaluate the performance of different interviewers.

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