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Grant application, tracking, and performance reporting


The Mathematics and Science Partnership project of the Office of
Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) of the U.S. Department of Education is designed to increase instructional quality. The project comprises collecting, aggregating, and analyzing annual performance report data; providing technical assistance on program reporting and administration; maintaining MSP websites for information sharing and data collection; and providing logistical support for program meetings.


Washington Software (WSI) developed and maintained the MSP website and Annual Performance Reporting Online System, as well as a conference registration website. Washington Software provided helpdesk support and was responsible for creating a system that fulfilled FISMA requirements and documentation.


The MSP websites, online performance reporting system, and helpdesk support provided by WSI improved instructional quality through information sharing and data collection, analysis of performance reports, and program reporting and administration technical assistance. Web-based content and conference registration processes provided user-friendly access to information and encouraged better communication. Helpdesk support provided appropriate levels of assistance for more efficient resolution of issues.


Linux, J2EE, Ruby on Rails, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, IBM SoftLayer

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