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From asbestos abatement to X-ray equipment, chiropractors to natural resource miners, governments must efficiently issue many licenses to individuals and businesses. Issuing and renewing permits and licenses are massive undertakings for local and federal government. Agencies must ensure licensing requirements are not a burdensome process that creates barriers to employment.


By placing permit and license applications online, you make them easily and instantly accessible. Online permit completion is quicker and easier than hand-writing and increases accuracy. Without the need to manually enter data, program managers save copious amounts of time, and data accuracy improves. Program managers also need solutions that they can launch quickly and adapt easily over time as requirements change.

BriteProgram enables you to streamline and automate all components of permit and license processes while making them more engaging and intuitive for users. With BriteProgram you can:

  • Eliminate virtually all time spent reviewing completeness and legibility through validation routines

  • Prompt applicants for missing portions to ensure complete applications

  • Securely empower team members with different roles that map to specific tasks

  • Provide notifications of new applications via email, either instantly or batched

  • Automatically issue renewal notifications and track expirations or other events requiring closer investigation

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While automating application submission is great, you also need to consider automating elements such as decision review, recurring tasks, and reporting. Applications must be received, then reviewed and considered for decision. Manual review of each application, ensuring the data is complete and legible, is time-consuming and error-prone.

BriteProgram solves and expedites many of the common issues associated with reviewing and vetting submitted applications so you can improved turnaround times. With BriteProgram’s data integration capabilities, you can reduce time spent on applicant vetting with third party apps by 50%. The system can:

  • Vet applicants by confirming data such as residency, and checking credit scores and criminal records

  • Integrate with third party systems within the enterprise or connect to external apps

  • Efficiently maintain forward momentum by automating application review workflow

  • Automate meeting agendas and task alerts to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

  • Access performance metrics that indicate process or performance improvement areas

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Issuing licenses and permits aren’t “one-and-done” tasks. Program Managers also need support with ongoing tracking and monitoring efforts. Program Managers must also foster transparency and communicate with both internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, various metrics must be aggregated to generate reports on the status of your permits.

BriteProgram automates program management, dramatically improving processes for both government staff and licensees. With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Post updates and support mass communications with full or self-service web content management

  • Keep applicants informed of decisions throughout

  • Post info to internal and external users with comprehensive content management features

  • Maintain ongoing communication and ensure timely renewals

  • Gain quick insights into all critical aspects of programs with customizable and print-ready reports

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