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HR professionals must manage a variety of programs to support their organization’s workforce. Often, this involves coordinating with numerous external vendors, such as solution vendors, recruiters, and wellness vendors. Robust, flexible online solutions can help streamline many of the moving parts.


HR Managers responsible for much of the purchasing process must carefully oversee many components, from creating and issuing bid proposals through reviewing the responses and informing all bidders of the outcome. Effective automation is vital to success.

BriteProgram enables overstretched HR professionals to quickly launch online solutions to streamline and track procurement programs with features such as:

  • Automate approval and payment processes with established workflows and task routing

  • Prebuilt data connectors that allow integration with any other system or application

  • Customizable forms for easy data collection from internal or external parties



Robust technology is crucial to empower efficient and systematic procurement and vendor management processes. BriteProgram automates these processes, dramatically improving processes for both program managers and members. With BriteProgram, you can:

  • Post updates and support mass communications with full or self-service web content management

  • Gain quick insights into all aspects of vendor management with customizable and print-ready reports

  • Automatically track completion of recurring tasks such as supplier database updates or vendor compliance requirements

Digital Work


Outsourcing can save your organization money, but managing the relationships well is key. A structured approach to vendor governance helps organizations build trust and enhance communication. HR Managers must also establish goals for success of programs such as wellness, then track data to measure outcomes against those goals. Proper automation can add that vital structure and measurement. BriteProgram can help you:

  • Gather data to share quantitative feedback with vendors

  • Ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with automated alerts and audit trails

  • Streamline measurement of performance accountability against established SLAs

Business Meeting


WSI developed web-based data collection forms and analytics to CMS of the prime contractor IMPAQ International. WSI was responsible for collecting the business rules, designing prototypes, programming the surveys, creating reports, exporting data, user management, and technical support. The web-based surveys provide ease of use for data collections, convenient options for tracking, querying, and backing up data, and the ability to modify surveys as needed. Systems with automated features and multi-level administration allow different access rights for various organizations and meet compliance standards.

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