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To recruit and retain the best talent, organizations need to help enhance employee wellness. Corporate wellness programs aim to increase health and overall well-being for employees, but for the HR pros tasked with managing the programs, it can be a source of added stress.


Corporate wellness programs include elements such as on-site gyms and pools, subsidized or free meals and snacks, distribution of Fitbits, and free personal training sessions and group fitness classes. HR pros must manage numerous moving parts and coordinate:

  • Wellness program administration

  • Wellness vendor satisfaction survey

  • Wellness vendor sign-up

  • Vendor scheduling & payment

  • Participant enrollment

  • Reporting on success metrics

Comprehensive automation is crucial to maximize the value of your corporate wellness program. BriteProgram solves and expedites many common challenges. With the application’s prebuilt data connectors and web forms, you can quickly and easily set up online forms to collect data, continuously manage your wellness program vendors, resources, and report on outcomes. BriteProgram delivers the following capabilities:

  • Notifications of new applications via email, either instantly or batched

  • Automated ability to route tasks based on established conditions and rules

  • Automated alerts reminding users of upcoming tasks as they are due

  • Integration with HR and ERP systems



Wellness programs must be well thought out and monitored, which begins with defining success in measurable terms. BriteProgram enables you to gain quick insights into all critical aspects of program adoption, program disbursements, compliance, and efficiency.

With BriteProgram, you can also ensure completion of recurring tasks, such as members providing proof of participation, so programs can continue to deliver value. Additional functionality includes:

  • Customizable dashboards and print-ready reports

  • Recurring tasks with ability to automatically track completion

  • Alerts and escalations for overdue program tasks

  • Content management features for posting information to participants



WSI provided technical expertise to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for research surveys for multiple programs. WSI was responsible for collecting the business rules, designing prototypes, programming the surveys, creating reports, exporting data, user management, and technical support. WSI created an easy-to-modify, web-based survey framework for the project resulting in:

  • Ease of use for data collections

  • Convenient options for tracking, querying, and backing up data

  • Ability to modify surveys as needed

  • Compliance standards met with different access rights for various organizations

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