Compliance Advising

We offer advising and support for various forms of security compliance, including

CMMC, FISMA, and FedRAMP. We will work with you through the security compliance


1. Categorize the system

2. Secure the system configuration

3. Prepare security documents e.g.

    - System Security Plan (SSP)

    - System Privacy Plan (SPP)

    - Contingency Plan (CP)

    - System Operation Plan (SOP)

    - System software/hardware inventory

    - System network interface diagram

4. Annual Review and Recertification

Application Security

-Threat Modeling

-Harden system configuration

-Harden applications

-Application security vulnerability scanning - runtime and source code

-Secure the system configuration following STIG guidelines

Security Monitoring

-System and Network Monitoring

-Event Detection


-Incident Response